Too Late To Start Investing?

Is It Too Late To Start Investing?

They say its the early bird that gets the worm. Well, I started investing in my late 20’s so I wasn’t as early as I could be. But was it too late to start investing? Maybe, maybe not. The important thing is to just start. Read on to learn more.

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time the market

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Time The Market (3 Reasons)

You might have heard a lot of investors say don’t try to time the market. Well, they’re right but why? Warren Buffet doesn’t time the market and instead says that market predictions distract investors from making good stock purchases. So why shouldn’t you try to time the market? Read on to find out.

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investing in the stock market

Will Investing In The Stock Market Make Me Rich?

Investing in the stock market can make you rich. That’s an assumption every new investor has and honestly, that’s why we’re doing it, right? Well, you can get rich by investing but it’s not as simple as you might think. Read on to find out how you can get rich by investing in the stock market.

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Stock portfolio tracker

How I Track My Stocks (Download My Stock Portfolio Tracker)

Having a stock portfolio tracker is an important part of investing, especially if you’re a serious investor looking to continue investing over a long period of time. In this post, I’ll describe how I track my investments and include a link to a free stock portfolio tracker that I made using Google Sheets. Read on to find out more.

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