5 Survey Apps I Tested (That Pay A Lot)

Survey Apps That Pay

I’ve always been interested in little things to do on the side that earn me a little extra money but surveys have been my least favourite as they’re usually very long for the return they give you and sometimes after 10 minutes of wasted time you can end up not being qualified for the survey. That’s a scam in my opinion.

Luckily after a lot of trial and error, I’ve found 5 survey apps that in total have consistently paid me a minimum of £50 every month in exchange for a short few minutes of my time. In this post I’ll share with you the 5 survey apps that I use so you can start earning a little extra too. I’ll also let you know how you can start using these apps today and I’ll show you a screen shot of my latest earnings.

I’ll get into the list straight away:


Prolific is one of the best paying survey sites that I’ve found. It’s very easy to sign up and although the about me section is very long and time-consuming to fill in, it’s worth it because the more Prolific knows about you, the more surveys you can become eligible for.

The survey topics generally range from PhD topics, behavior, and products that you may have used and generally last about 1 minute to 15 minutes at the most. What I love most about Prolific is that the longer the survey the more rewards in terms of money you will earn. Sometimes you may get follow-up surveys from the researcher so you can earn a little extra while other surveys pay bonuses’ for questions that you get right for example if they’re surveying something numerically based.

Once you’ve completed a survey, it gets submitted and you have to wait for the researcher to approve your submission before you can get paid. I’ve found this to be a very straightforward process and most submissions get approved within 10 days. If you have a submission that hasn’t been approved and it’s been more than 10 days, then you can send the researcher a message via Prolific’s messaging facility.

You can only cash out once you have a minimum of £5 earned but this is extremely easy to reach. On average I’ve earned approximately £35 every month and that’s without being very active.

The two downsides are that (1) the cashout process isn’t instant for the first 4 cashouts and they have cashout days which are before 4 pm on Tuesday and Friday. So if you ask to cash out before then, you’ll have to wait. And (2) sometimes studies/surveys are full so you have to be quick to participate.

Payment is sent straight to your PayPal account so if you don’t have one then you can sign up for free.

Tips to use:

Download the Prolific Assistant chrome extension. It gives you alerts for when a case study is available.

Here are my earnings over the last 2 months:


These are the shortest surveys that I’ve done which have earned me a little extra on the side. Influence was previously called VoxPopMe and they are video surveys that allow you to record responses for up to one minute.

Surveys are about all sorts of topics and the app regularly sends you JFF surveys which stand for ‘Just For Fun’. These are general surveys to obtain your interests or ask questions about topics you might know about e.g. investing or yogurts that you might have tried. All surveys pay a fixed amount of £0.23p but there are multiple bonuses that pay £0.63p.

Once a survey becomes available, you can record your response and then upload it when you’re ready. If you’re not happy with your first try, you can try again and again. Responses are usually approved within 30 minutes.

You can only cash out once you’ve reached a minimum of £10 but again, just like Prolific, this is very easy to achieve. I generally average about £15 every month. Again it takes a few days to receive your earnings and they go directly to your Paypal account.

Here are my earnings over the last month:


Streetbees is another one of my favorite survey apps. The surveys are very regular and are very short but some can last up to 10 minutes long and be very repetitive. By repetitive I mean that you may have already done the survey but it’s available to do again.

This app is easy to get started with and consists of a mixture of multiple-choice questions, text-based answers (which need to be a minimum of 3 words long) and they ask you for pictures. So you can’t just enter gibberish or a stock image because (I think) they’re checked manually.

The amount they pay varies but the lowest I’ve received is £0.20p while the highest is £4.00 which is amazing. And there is no minimum cash-out requirement. Streetbees send your payment directly to your PayPal account as soon as your survey has been approved and approval usually only takes a few days.

You can get started here by using my referral code: 7397XK, on this link.

Here are my latest earnings from this survey app:

You can see that some months I earn more than others but that’s just down to my time.

Curious Cat

I’ve been using Curious Cat on and off for a long time. It’s not something I use as much as the others but I’ve included it in this list because after having tested countless other apps and websites, this one is still one of them that pays.

Unlike the others mentioned above, it works on a points-based system where one point is one penny and the cash-out minimum is 100 points. If someone is determined enough, you can easily earn 1000 points in a month and they’ll send you £10 directly to your PayPal account.

However, I don’t think it’s as great as the others as the surveys can take time to complete e.g. it can take 20 minutes for 40 points which are just £0.40p. It’s not worth the effort in my opinion as there are better apps available. And you still need to qualify for a survey before taking it which is dreadful.

Here are my on and off earnings from this survey app:

Google Opinion Rewards

I really like Google Opinion Rewards – I have an iPhone but also an extra Android phone. This is because this survey is only available for Android users because the payments given by this survey app aren’t in real money. Its money can be used to purchase whatever you like from the Google Play Store.

The surveys are literally almost only three questions long and it’s all multiple choice asking you about your recent events or adverts that you may have seen on your phone. I’ve used the rewards to purchase paid apps, movies, and books as well as some subscriptions that I have.

Here are my earnings from the survey app:


Earning a little extra on the side is a great way to supplement your income. Survey apps provide most people who don’t have a side hustle the opportunity to increase their earnings and if given the proper attention, you could add approximately £200 more to your income.

Not all survey apps are great though so in this post I’ve only listed the ones that after having tried and tested, actually pay real money which you can spend. I like to put all my survey-earned money into my Trading212 account so I can grow my money.

If you want to start investing then I’d recommend you read our post on investing for beginners and also the investing mistakes to watch out for.

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