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We created the noob investor to share our investing experiences, tips and recommendations as well as to help new and other investors to make better and more informed investment decisions. Our goal is to provide interesting and useful content to enhance and simplify your investing experience.

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About the Writers

Mazaher Muraj

Mazaher Muraj

Full-Time Software Engineer, Blogger and Investor

An established software engineer with over 10 years of experience having worked in the medical, financial and telecommunications sectors. Other than that I’m a regular person just like you.

I started investing to make my money grow and reach my financial goals but when started I faced a lot of obstacles at the beginning of my journey because I had so many questions and didn’t know where to start. This blog makes it easy for all new investors to get started and learn all about investing.

I started this blog to help others in a similar position, to provide high-level and helpful content to make the complicated things about investing as simple as possible for everyone.


Maryam Ravjani

Maryam Ravjani

Full-Time Data Analyst, Blogger and Investor

After day trading for a while, I went onto establish a successful career as a debt advisor with some of the largest telecommunication brands in the UK.

I love data and so I transitioned to a career, analysing data and finding patterns. My time in some of the top companies in the UK has taught me a lot about money and I post on topics such as personal finance and money-saving tips.

I’ve had money problems in the past and I got out of it. I try to be as savvy as possible but intelligent in my decision making. I’m extremely passionate about sharing my ideas with you.


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